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February 21, 1980     Jewish News
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February 21, 1980

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+ Thou (Continued from page 4) in the Second Temple, when the Jewish people were not as rich as their ancestors in the desert (see further). Still, the vessel to be used -- even in the Second Temple -- had to be golden. Even further, this principle of "of poverty in a place of wealth" was extended to include even something which was not the sacrifice, itseff, nor even the water for the sacrifice, but a cup used merely to give water to the animal; even this object had to be made of gold.. It is only logical to infer from this that in a more affluent era and for a more sanctified purpose, gold would certainly be the only metal permitted. In other words, the Tabernacle should have been constructed completely from gold. This, after all, was the sanctuary being built "that I may dwell among them." One can't even offer an excuse that there was insufficient gold. The Midrash explains quite specifically that the Jews who left Egypt carried with them most of the wealth that Joseph had accumulated during his reign as viceroy. Indeed, the Midrash points out that no Jew left with less than ninety pack animals loaded with gold and silver. And since there were six hundred thousand adult males who left Egypt, there must have been tens of millions of donkeys loaded with treasure. The subsequent accounting in the Torah of the quantity of gold and silver and brass necessary for the construction of the Mishkan shows clearly that there was more than enough to make the whole structure out of gold. The argument may be put forward that since everyone had to contribute to the Mishkan, there were some persons who had no gold -- and thus had to make their contribution in silver and brass. However, this argument loses its force because of the clear Midrashic explanation: "There was not one Jew who did not have ninety pack animals loaded with gold." The answer to the above enigma is, in short, as follows: The building of the Mishkan was to teach u's that a//Jews must jOin r in making of themselves a sanctuary for G-d. Therefore, our ancestors wereJmstructed to use silver and brass also, for even inferior metals -- symbolizing Jews on inferior levels -- must become part of the sanctuary. A fuller explanation will follow in next week's "thought." (CONTINUED NEXT WEEK) Weekly Calendar I III This Sabbath is the 6th day of Adar 5740. Sidra (weekly portion): Exodus 25:1 - 27:19, Haftorah (weekly prophetical portion) Kings I, 5:26.6:13. Sabbath candle lighting time: Friday, Feb. 22, 5:34 p.m., Feb. 29, 5:41 p.m. Sabbath ends: Saturday, Feb. 23, 6:42 p.m., Saturday, March 1, 6:49 p.m. Thursday, Adar II/Feb. 28 is the Fast of Esther. Boys born Feb. 15-21, March 17-23", 1967 will be Bar Mitzvah (13t Hebrew birthday), Feb. 22-28, 1980. Volunteers .... (Continued from page 3) bulletin editor of the Eastern Virginia Auxiliary's newsletter and the local pub- licity chairwoman. The Peninsula has additional Auxiliary representation. Jane Susan Frank has been appointed to the Auxiliary Budget COmmittee and Regina Weinstock has been appointed to the Eastern Virginia Govern- ing Board of the Beth Shoiom Home. Girls born March 5-11, 1968 will be Bat Mitzvah (12th Hebrew birthday), Feb. 22-28, 1980. *Due to the fact that 5727 (1967) was a Jewish Leap Year these days also correspond to Feb. 22-28. i II II A JEWELERS, LTD II lObl Oi +Y IMM P--,OI Custom Jeu, eby Deg AGENCY FOR 'PATEK PHIUPPE' Fin, Dmom ond Wam --.----,mind q$,4, 0ram----- 0 Monmmo Avem VA to pho: EASTERN IIORE $kFOOD RESTAURANT 4019 Granbv St. 625-0554 Open 11:30 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. Except Mondays On Premises, Beer, Wine Fresh Seafood Only Daily Specials i I Newport News (S04) SS000 orlolk (8O4) S940 Williamsburg (804) 874-7412 Richmond (804) 748-7106 Washington (202) 4574)706 Macy M. Sharf Co., Inc. + Fire Extinguishers Inspection - Sales - Service CO2&Dry Ice Nathan Irwin Sharf President I Newport News. Va. February 22, 1980 -- UJF -- 5 Purim. a Joyous Festival Purim is a joyous festival, celebrating the deliverance from Haman's plot to destroy the Jewish people in the days of Persia's King Ahasureus and Queen Esther. The story of Purim is recorded in the Megiilah, (Book of Esther) eating a festive meal, giving gifts of edible foods to a friend (mishloach Monos), and giving charity to the poor (Matonos Lo'evyonim). The festival of Purim is celebrated every year on the 14th day of the month of Adur. It is observed by reading the Megillah. The spirit of love and brotherhood which always holds Jews together, must especially be fostered during the festival of Purim. By showing kindness and unity with each other, G-d shows His kindness, mercy and love to all of us. The Megillah is to be heard on the evening and morning of the festival. It must be heard carefully by everyone, men and women, without missing a single word. Young children should also be brought along to listen to the Megillah reading. Care should be taken that they do not disturb others. A special festive meal should be eaten on the day of Purim, Sunday, March, 2, before sunset., Every man, woman and child should send Mishloach Monos to friends. Men should send their presents to men and women should send their presents to women. In addition, one should give charity (Ma- tones Lo'evyonim) to at least two poor people.. These Mitzvos can easily be fulfilled. In For excellence in Seafood. Sandier Foods Diamond Spring Rd. 464-3554 the case of Mishloach Monos -- by giving two kinds of edibles (e.g. an apple and a candy; or a piece of cake and soda or juice*) to at least one friend. In the case of Matonos Lo'evyonim -- by giving two poor pennies, at least one penny to each of two poor persons. If you can't find any poor people put the coins in a pushka (charity box). *The minimum requirement is 1 ox. for solids, 31/ oz. for liquids. "Yiddisheh Kop" Of the Week The first five people to correctly iden- tify the person in the photo below will receive a free paM to Circle 6, Circle 4, Showcase Theaters, Hilltop and Tower Mall, Portsmouth. Relat/vu of the "Kop" of the week are ineligible. Call 489-8040 and ask for Sydney, no earlier than Feb. 26. , Do You Know This Person. There were no correct answers in the Feb. 8 "Yiddisheh Kop" ConteRt. The correct answer was Brian Strelitz. I I III I I I I hew, I?!++, If how you dress isim- portant to your , S&K will make you look like a million. Wel save you quite a bundle, too. S&K sells Famous Brand stats for about half wilt would pay in a fan Mens Shop or t Store. , + + Samegpestor00 +. If yDu re..already at, the top, you'l!a _pro- + A +datequality..ffureo. yourul +the top, you l[app.mcia, te our pn.ce, msam The S&K Suit: a smart inl li. men who are bullish about themselve i Go get 'era, tiger.